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  Edmond Masjedi  
Welcome Edmond Masjedi !
Edmond Masjedi is a dedicated entrepreneur and business with extensive experience in the business field. Over the years, he has worked with many firms and worked on starting businesses in different fields that interested him. After building and developing a business to its peak he sells the business to major companies in the same field so that he can move on to the next big opportunity and explore it to its fullest potential. According to Edmond Masjedi, if you limit your potential in a field you’re not doing justice to your abilities. He says you should always keep exploring other fields where you can make a mark. He also says that a businessman should love what he is doing otherwise he cannot make the effort required for success.

After owning a string of businesses, Edmond Masjedi, Los Angeles learned that no failure is forever and success will stay as long as you’re willing to work hard for it. He mentions that while working hard is a great way to achieve success in business, a person should also take out time for relaxation and hobbies. By pursuing activities that are beyond the scope of business, a person can stay fit and healthy and also maintain a positive view of the world which adds to the quality of life. Even through a busy business life, he has always taken time out to travel and his journeys have taken him to too many countries all around the world.

Edmond loves to learn about the cultures of different countries and also enjoys the exquisite cuisine from different cultures. He often learns how to cook the specialty cuisine while traveling to different places and then tries his hands at cooking those food items when he is back at his home. His passion for cooking is well known among his friends and family. He often invites his close friends to his home and cooks dinner for them. His passion for food and cultures has given him immense knowledge and an empowering world-view on different matters.


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Business Philosophy

Edmond Masjedi, Los Angeles is a very successful and respected businessman who has been a part of the corporate world for the last many years. He has had a very long career that has been filled with numerous successes and achievements. Over the years he has started many companies in varied lines of businesses.
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Philanthropic Activities

Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills is a responsible citizen of the society who believes that society has given us everything and we should give back as much as we can. Being an entrepreneur he has a very busy schedule but in spite of that he ensures that he is able to get some time out for social work. Edmond Masjedi, Beverly Hills is involved...
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Edmond Masjedi likes to learn the languages of different countries and he is fluent in several languages. His travels all around the world have given him a unique understanding of the human psyche. He believes that meeting people, talking to them, and learning more about them is, in most cases...

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